a Renewal of Marriage Vows a

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is a powerful and beautiful way for couples to affirm their partnership and enduring love for each other. It gives you an opportunity to address the past and future of your relationship, reflecting on new directions and possibilities for your love, as well as celebrating its continuing strength. Children, family and friends can all form a special part of this unique celebration. They can act as witnesses to your renewed lifelong commitment to each other or, if you prefer, you can directly involve specially selected people in the ceremony. This enables you to acknowledge publicly the ways in which they have affected your relationship and love for each other.

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony can be held in order to commemorate a special anniversary or, in some cases, to renew your commitment to each other after a particularly difficult period in your relationship. Some couples choose to renew their marriage vows simply to affirm their devotion to each other at a meaningful point in their lives.

Couples are invited to create a ceremony of their own design, incorporating any selection of music, poetry and readings which best expresses their feelings for one another. As a renewal of marriage vows ceremony has no legal status, couples have the freedom to design the type of ceremony which they feel will be most meaningful to them.


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