a Weddings for International Residents a

I have performed many ceremonies for international couples who have chosen to celebrate their marriage in Australia. Sydney offers a variety of stunning wedding locations for your special day and I will endeavor to make sure that your wedding ceremony is as memorable and romantic as possible.

Before I can perform the marriage ceremony you will need to obtain a number of documents. The bride and groom will each need to obtain their birth certificate (if you don’t have and cannot obtain your original birth certificate, an overseas passport can be used instead but not an Australian passport) and, if either of you have been previously married, you are also required by law to produce proof of how that former marriage ended. (For example, evidence of a divorce or a death certificate.) This documentation must be brought to Australia.

You are also required to obtain a Notice of Intended Marriage . This form must be lodged with a marriage celebrant more than 1 month before the date of your marriage and can be lodged from your own country.

I will provide you with a Marriage Certificate after performing your wedding service in Sydney. However, to make your marriage legal in your own country you will also need to apply to the office of Births, Deaths & Marriages (located in Sydney) prior to leaving Australia. (I can arrange this). If you live in Europe or Asia you will also require further authorization (an Apostille) from the Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure that your marriage is valid in your own country. I will explain this procedure in greater detail (and give you further assistance) closer to the date of your wedding.


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